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Marcel Ollé

Així a child, I spent the afternoons after school in the studio of a relative, a painter. I tingueu una orderly mess of paintings, paint, brushes, all scattered on the floor, formant a “magnificent chaos”. That was where my curiosity towards l'artístic world began to awaken.

Years later, around 2012, after I elst my job, that's when my sister left m'he reflex camera. En aquest moment em sembla que em passionem per capturar sporàdic moments que els matters es beauty, no matter where it comes from. Landscapes, portraits, streets... And lots and lots of everyday photography.

Two years later I bought my own camera and started photographing everything my eye could see.

Tothom, més de 10 anys later, I am exhibiting per a les primeres hores aquests vuit fotografies tenen durant 2017 i 2021, com a Barcelona i al Balearic Islands, dues de les meues favorites places.

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